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The CNN energy purchase Gas Leak Alarm Detector Since 2010

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Coopration Since in 2010
Products of cooperation: Nuo'an Technology NA-GD-30 Model Gas Leak Alarm Detector (The gas company professional detector)
In 2010,Hebei Langfang CNN gas company seached our company via internetwork and purchased our gas laek alarm detector.Our product is specially for gas detection, now the gas company staff check gas leak in the residential buildings, our Nuo'an brand gas leak alarm detector is the firs choice.
ENN energy (original xinao gas) engaged in city gas pipelines was started in 1992 in China,it is the largest clean energy distributor in China.At present,the ENN energy has owned 527 natural gas vehicle LPG stations, serviceing the citizen of more than 65.37 million in the mainland Chinese market.
Hebei Nuo'an Technology CO., LTD.'Manager Miss Peng remind:The gas station MUST NEED install the Gas Leak Alarm Detector,it can protect your staff and client fully.

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