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Using method of Emergency Shower and Eyewash Station

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The Emergency Shower and Eyewash Station is fitted with sprinkler systems of emergency supplies and eye wash system, installed directly on the ground. Chemical substance splash clothing or the body of the staff's time, you can use the compound eye wash shower system to wash, rinse for at least more than 15 minutes when splashes of hazardous substances for workers to eyes, face, neck or arms and other parts, you can use the compound eye wash to flush the eye wash system, flush at least greater than 15 minutes. Sprinkler system water flow: more than 75.7L/MIN. Eye wash water flow system: more than 7L/MIN. Compound eye wash is widely used in petroleum, chemical, electrical, electronic and port industries there are chemicals used in the workplace.

Emergency Shower and Eyewash Station features: Emergency Shower and Eyewash Station only the routine use of a shower, wash the eye function, depending on the installation site select additional functions, such as corrosion, empty hands and feet linkage, Jane Frost, ""

The Emergency Shower and Eyewash Station three features:

1) corrosion resistance: based on 304 stainless, add a processing technology "high temperature electrostatic powder spray" easy off and corrosion effects, can deal with a variety of strong acid strong alkali environment settings remain intact.

2) hands and feet linkage: based on the traditional eye-wash, and can be equipped with a high performance pedals, when operation when there is a danger of dangerous goods, quick step on the pedal flush eyes, face, arms, neck and face "" for medical treatment to gain time.

3) emptying freeze: used for dealing with cold temperatures caused that ice cannot, can be equipped with drain antifreeze device, ensure the settings intact, to when the emergency occurred, rapid cleaning.

Emergency Shower and Eyewash Station to use:

Shower system: 56 water bore spray shower evenly distributed evenly during the shower water, body shower is more comprehensive and better shower, gently pull downward eye wash hands when using levers 1 seconds from the water, cleaned up the light push hand lever, turn off the shower system.

Eye wash system: eye wash nozzles using built-in double PP filter NET (never rusts), to filter debris in the water, water cleaner, use the principle of sustained pressure, spray of water into a frothy, soft, not because of the flow in the process of using extreme eye membranes and eye nerve caused secondary damage. Compared with the traditional eye wash, wash the eye better, safer! When you need to use the eye functions are: manual push eye wash hand-push handle in clockwise direction, open eye wash switch washing (if you have hands and feet linkage function, step on the foot pedal, you can water), finished, hand picked up the stem in counterclockwise direction switch, turn off the water.

Emergency Shower and Eyewash Station care and maintenance:

Emergency Shower and Eyewash Station appears in the daily use of a variety of problems, compound eye washer nozzles couldn't flow or flow is small is one of the common problems, lion solutions check the water pressure in the plant are normal, Composite type wash eye device of pressure requirements is 0.2-0.4mpa, as hydraulic in this range within description hydraulic is normal of, we again can check wash composite type eye device nozzle of filter network whether has debris blocked, solution approach has put wash eye device nozzle from wash eye device Assembly Shang split Xia, then out loaded in nozzle in of filter network, with clean of water flush clean Hou again loaded Shang such on can keep nozzle out said normal.

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