what is the difference between Insulated clothing and Avoiding fire protective clothing

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Insulated clothing also known as thermal protective clothing, personal protective equipment is important means in contact with flame and hot objects can prevent itself from being ignited, and flaming and smoldering, protective clothing to protect the body from various injuries, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, glass and other industries of high temperature furnace operations protective clothing and fire for fire, forest fire prevention service.

Avoiding fire protective clothing: short title entry clothing; entry clothing has excellent flame resistance, heat insulation properties, and has the advantages of light weight, soft and good. The clothing is not only applies to firefighters at fire flame zone of fire-fighting and rescue, and also can be applied to glass, cement, ceramic industry when repairing high temperature wear, its wide range of uses, has significant social benefits.

Difference between entry clothing and insulated clothing:

Difference between 1:

Clothing to flame burning; insulating clothing can not touch the flame or damaged; a fire escape suits can withstand the flames burning.

Difference 2:

Insulated clothing can't get into the fire; entry clothing can go through the fire.

Distinction 3:

Radiant heat resistance temperature, insulated clothing to 1000 degrees, entry clothing for 1800 degrees.

Distinction 4:

Different materials and design. Entry clothing material is typically a 3-layer structure, outer and middle has a fire resistance capability. Insulated clothing material does not have a flame-resistant ability, the ability to focus more on insulation in the middle.

Errors of the thermal protective clothing selection:

1) insulated clothing as a refuge from the fire service

Insulated entry clothing and clothing styles can be the same, but insulated clothing may not touch the flame, can not enter the fire operations. Otherwise, it will cause damage to the garment.

2) industrial insulated clothing as fire insulation clothing

Industrial insulated clothing fabric safety performance is usually less than fire insulated clothing. Use on fiberglass composite aluminum foil, easy to fall off after use, low rate of thermal radiation reflection (>70%) substrate and fire insulation clothing commonly used aramid high temperature resistant material, tables

Aluminum foil is the use of high speed into the substrate and smooth surface, easy off, high efficiency heat radiation reflection (>90%),

Window mirrors of different fire insulated clothing mirrors and gilded glass, thermal radiation reflectivity >95%, industrial insulated clothing is often chrome-plated glass mirror or polyester transparent mirror, thermal radiation to more than 500 degrees, not a good reflection, like eyes and facial burns.

3) high temperature protective clothing and insulated clothing to confuse

Insulating protective clothing clothing and high temperature difference, lies in differences in ambient temperature and fire.

Protective clothing is mainly used in high temperature environment of ambient temperature at 300 degrees or less. Emphasis on insulation.

Insulated clothing is mainly used for ambient temperature is greater than 300 degrees, molten material or metal splashes, pay special attention to heat

Radiation efficiency of reflection and heat insulation effect.

Reflect heat radiation effect of high temperature protective clothing, insulated clothing usually reflection efficiency is greater than 70%, effect of temperature should be less than 25 degrees/30 min.

This standard does not apply to firefighters in fire-fighting and rescue into the flame area when contact with the flame, or disposal of radioactive substances, biological substances and dangerous chemicals when wearing protective clothing.

4) insulated clothing and fire-proof clothing confusion

Insulated clothing's function is to cut off the heat. Fire in 70% of the radiation heat reflecting off the remaining heat by insulation barrier on the outside, packed clothing in the temperature is not greater than 25 degrees.

Insulated clothing does not apply to firefighters at fire rescue and hazardous chemicals and radioactive substances, biological materials when in use.

Fire retardant chemical protective clothing is intended for chemical hazards, and fire heat cannot be isolated, only Flash (300 degrees, 5 seconds) the protective ability of heat. Mainly used for flammable chemicals in dangerous environments.

Fireproofing chemical protective clothing outside for aluminum foil, a chemical flame retardant lining materials, reflection of heat radiation has some ability, but still not be able to use as a insulating clothing. In environments with high heat, chemical defense capabilities will greatly be reduced.

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