The CSPC purshase Protective Clothing from US

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Cooperation since in 2009
Products of cooperation: Nuo'an Technology NA-PC-03 Model Fully Enclosed heavy Chemical Protective Clothing, NA-PC-04 Semi-closed Light Protective Clothing, Disposable Protective Clothing, etc.
In 2009, CSPC group purchased the Protective clothing, chemical protective clothing and other safety protective clothing from Hebei Nuo'an Technology CO., LTD. Since then we are keeping in Long-Term cooperation relationship.
CSCP group is one of the leading enterprises in the pharmaceutical industry in our country, the total assets of 20 billion,and 18000 employees. The market value of listed companies in Hong Kong 40 billion Hong Kong dollars,it is one of the famous pharmaceutical listed companies in Hong Kong.The CSPC group headquarters is located in Shijiazhuang city, Hebei province capital.
Hebei Nuo'an Technology CO., LTD. Manager Miss Peng remind:In the process of pharmaceutical industry are DENGEROUR for the worker,Hebei Nuo'an can protect your security.

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