How to choose the gas leak alarm detector

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For a variety of production and testing requirements, choose a suitable gas detector is a security and health staff must pay close attention. Lion technology we summarize some of the details for your reference.

First, verify that the type and concentration of gas detection range:

Each gas species encountered in the production sector are different. When choosing the gas detector will take into account all the possible circumstances. If most of the methane and other alkanes of the low toxicity, is undoubtedly the most suitable choice LEL detector. This is not only because the LEL detector principle is simple, widely used, and it also has a maintenance, alignment and convenient features. If there are carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide and other toxic gases, will have to choose one specific gas detector to ensure workers ' safety. If more organic poisonous gas, taking into account the low concentrations of the possible poisoning of persons, such as aromatic hydrocarbons, halogenated hydrocarbons, ammonia (ammonia), ether, alcohol, fat, and so on, you should select Photo ionization detector, and never use the LEL detector to deal with, because it could lead to casualties. If the gas cover up several gas, select a composite gas detector might achieve a multiplier effect.

Identified use: industrial environment is different, select the gas detector type is different.

Second, the gas detector types, advantages and disadvantages

Gas detector is an instrument of gas concentration detection tool, mainly refers to the portable/handheld gas detector. Using gas sensors to detect gas in the Environment category, gas sensors are used to detect the composition and content of the gas sensor.

1, semiconductor gas sensor

It is the use of metal-oxide-semiconductor materials, at a certain temperature, electrical conductivity changes with ambient gas composition changes of principle. For example, alcohol sensor using tin oxide at high temperatures met ethanol gas, preparation of principles of resistance decreases dramatically.

Advantages:-semiconductor gas sensors can be used effectively to: methane, ethane, propane, butane, ethanol, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, ethylene, acetylene and vinyl chloride, styrene, acrylic and many other gas detection. In particular, such sensors low cost and suitable for civil gas detection needs.


Poor stability, greatly influenced by the environment; among other things, the selectivity of each sensor is not the only output parameters cannot be determined. Therefore, the place should not be applied to measurement accuracy requirements.

2, catalytic combustion type gas sensor

This sensor is the catalyst in preparation of high temperature platinum resistance of surface layer, at a certain temperature, combustible gas catalytic combustion at its surface, burning platinum resistance temperature rises, the resistance changes, change of combustible gas concentration values are functions.

Advantage: selective detection of combustible gas catalytic combustion type gas sensor: whatever does not burn, sensor without any response.

Catalytic combustion type gas sensor measurement accuracy, fast response, longer life expectancy. Sensor output environment directly related to the risk of explosion, is one of the leading position in security detection sensors.

Disadvantages: combustible gas range, no choice. Anhuo, there is the risk of gas explosions. Most of the elements of organic vapor sensor has a poisoning effect.

3, infrared gas sensors

Most of the gas has a characteristic absorption peaks in the infrared, detect characteristic absorption peaks of absorption, you can determine the concentration of a gas.

This sensor is the largest analytical instruments in the past, but in recent years, with the development of sensor based on MEMS technology industry, this sensor size has been increased from 10, 45 kg of Big Mac, reduced to 2 ml (thumb). Use no modulation infrared detector makes the instrument has no mechanical moving parts, fully maintenance free.

Infrared gas sensors can effectively identify species, accurate measurement of gas concentration. Success for this sensor: carbon dioxide, methane detection.

4, magnetic oxygen detector

This is the core of magnetic oxygen Analyzer, but has also achieved a "sensor". It is the use of oxygen in the air can be prepared by principles of magnetic attraction. The sensor can only be used for the detection of oxygen, selectivity is excellent. Atmospheric nitrogen oxides can only have a small impact in the environment, but because of the content of these interfering gases tend to be less so, selective magnetic oxide analysis techniques is almost the only!

Above is a lion technology to provide you with toxic gas detector classification and selection method, if you want to learn more about the gas detector watch lion technology app public platform: hbnakj and look forward to you joining!

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