What's situation to using the emergency shower and eye wash station

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Emergency shower and eye wash station is when operators eye or body exposure to toxic and hazardous and other corrosive chemicals, you can use these devices to emergency eye and body wash or shower, mainly to avoid the chemicals cause further harm to humans. But these are just preliminary processing of eyes and body, not a substitute for medical treatment, and in severe cases, further medical treatment must be conducted as soon as possible.

Application of an emergency rush, stainless steel washing eyes site

1. when wearing chemical protective clothing is used to enter the scene after work or rescue, you need to use spray the compound eye wash and eye wash.

2. in the course of fire, when firefighters on fire, you can use the compound eye-wash spray equipment for fire fighting.

3. when using the face or arm when suffered chemical splash, you can use the compound eye wash to flush the eye wash system.

4. products meet United States standards ANSI Z358-1 2004, widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, fire, electricity and ports and other places.

Second, structure

Eye wash nozzle: designed for eye and face wash fountain.

Eye wash nozzle dust: dust proof device used to protect the eye wash nozzle.

Switching valve: used to open and close the water valve assembly.

Water service pipe: the device used to direct the flow.

Filters: used to filter out into the eye wash pieces.

Base: fixed eye wash.

Three, why use emergency red washing eyes

Emergency shower and eye wash station are one of the most important emergency equipment, when staff members when bodily harm, harm can be minimized. Europe and the United States requested in the working environment in the presence of dangerous media must install Red washing eyes and have clear requirements for installation distances. Factory installed equipment that is needed, we set up to pass the qualification. Like the Chinese, who have a very bad habit, is the car does not like to wear a seat belt, we have no sense! The human tragedy is what is happening in an hour, red eye baths are an emergency rescue device, it is important to only key when it is useful, maybe you can save workers or laboratory personnel life. Not afraid of 10,000, just in case, safety is the most important. Emergency red eye washing like a fire extinguisher, and essential, emergency equipment, it is necessary to install. While the emergency shower and eye wash station is the device most of the time, but must be proud, don't forget his emergency! Usually though rarely use it, but not without it. Who would prefer not to use it, of course, useful description of things, but it is very important, such as our car air bags are useless, the key when it plays an invaluable role. Eye wash is a key thing.

Eye wash category:

1, Emergency shower and eye wash station: eye wash system of sprinkler system installed directly on the floor

2, vertical eye wash: no sprinkler systems have eye wash system installed directly on the floor

3, wall-mounted eye wash: no sprinkler systems have eye wash system mounted directly on the wall

4, desktop, eye wash: no sprinkler systems have eye wash system installed directly on the countertop

5, sprinkler: sprinkler system does not have eye wash system installed directly on the floor

Customers can choose according to their use of appropriate eye wash, these are Lion technology to provide you with the circumstances under which the use of emergency rush washing eyes and want to learn more about eye wash can concern lion technology official letter: hbnakj look forward to your participation!

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