How to install the Combustible gas alarm

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How to install the Combustible gas alarm

Combustible gas alarm controller consists of two parts: 1 is combustible gases, 2 is a combustible gas detector. Composed these 2 part 1 of combustible gas alarm. Combustible gas detectors in the field to detect gas concentration reaches a certain concentration will transmit a digital signal to the controller of combustible gases, the controller will alarm. Gas alarm linkage-related interactive devices such as in factories, storage leaks, can drive exhaust, power off, and spray systems to prevent explosions, fires, poisonings, so as to ensure safety. Often used in chemical, oil, gas, steel mills and other places of use or produce flammable gases.

Flammable gas alarm how to install?

Gas alarms installed in the area where you may have a gas leak, gas alarms must be installed securely. Installation location according to the size of the gases to be measured relative to the proportion of air decision when measured gas specific gravity greater than air, the gas detector should be installed above ground (30~60) cm; when measured gas specific gravity is less than the air, gas detector installation height should be higher than the source (0.5~2) m. In order to properly use gas alarm monitor the occurrence of and to prevent their failure, do not install in the following locations:

A, direct steam, soot-affected areas;

B, air intake, exhaust fan, door air flow place; c, water vapor and drop many places (humidity: >93%RH); d, temperature from-40 ° c or more than 70 place; e, places where there are strong electromagnetic fields; f, environments containing the following substances:

(1) Silicon-containing compounds, such as Silanes, silyl ethers, and (2) of sulfur-containing compounds, such as hydrogen sulfide, (3) phosphorus-containing compounds;

(4) f Li Ang, diborane, ethylene glycol, triethylene glycol, germane, arsine, hydrogen chloride, chlorine, phosgene, alkyl naphthalene.

Second, combustible gas detector installation rules

Combustible gas detector selection you should choose 1, valves, pipe interface, outlet, or easily within a radius of 1 m near the leak, as close as possible. But do not affect the operation of other devices. While making

Avoid high temperature and high humidity environment.

2, combustible gas detector for large-area 10-12 square meters single probe arrangement can be used when the gas detection or detection effect can be achieved.

3, combustible gas detector installation method can be used to the roof installation, wall mounting or holding tube installation, should ensure a solid and reliable installation, taking into account the convenience of maintenance and calibration.

4, combustible gas detector install: detected hydrogen, natural gas and town gas specific gravity is less than air gases, 30-60 cm from the roof installation; testing liquefied petroleum gas such as

Important-than-air gases, installed by 30-60 centimeters from the ground.

5, combustible gas detector wiring should use three-core screened cable, single wire diameter greater than 0.5 mm, connection for shielding must be grounded.

Combustible gas detector 6, line pipe, the pipe shall conform to the requirements, pipes should be connected to the probe to meet fire protection requirements.

7, combustible gas detector should be installed facing down the sensor fixed.

8, combustible gas detector wiring in a power outage to determine power after wiring is correct; no combustible gas leak should be determined in case lid debug probe.

9, combustible gas detector shall be calibrated at least once a year to ensure accuracy.

10, detector installation: can be installed using wall, tube and bracket

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