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We provide a one-stop explosion-proof lighting solutions can bring to your factory security lighting.

The explosion proof LED lamp can provide a variety of brightness of the lighting, safety and reliability. Portable explosion-proof LED lamp can take you more areas to explore.

The electrical machine and lamps' explosion proof switch can give you a safety experience, push-button, twist, key-controlled to satisfy your different needs.

In the explosion proof environment,the power cable's safety is very important.The power cable which we offered have passed CE,RoHS certification. You can rest assured that use.


The factory need explosion-proof environment, chemical plants, pharmaceutical companies, specialty gas production plants, gas stations, wineries, and so on.


One-stop purchase and service can solve all of your question.The Explosion proof switch,the Explosion proof LED lamp,and the Explosion proof power cable can satisfy all of your demanding. Each product performance is good, is your reliable choice.

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Mail to us.We can discuss the details.

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L/C, T/T, Western Union, Money Gram


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Need pay and discount when you order more than 50 cartons

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