• Product Name: Self Contained Breathing Apparatus SCBA
  • Unit: NA-AR-30
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15 KG

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Plastic box


1 Year+ 6 Months




This self contained breathing apparatus SCBA can be widely used in fire fighting, diving, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, shipbuilding, military, police and other industries. It's a breathing apparatus for people who work in the environments with oxygen deficiency, toxic gas, thick smokes, etc.



Full Face Mask Silicone mask with features of facial recognition clearly, soft, non-toxic, tasteless, small nose and mouth cover, comfortable, anti-aging etc. PC Anti-fog visor, visual field up to 98%, good transparency, clear vision, no atomization after long time usage cause of double mist function.Nose cup equipped inner for effectively reducing the dead space.Optional radio communication function to ensure keeping communication without removing the mask in a noisy environment.

Demand Valve/Air Supply Valve An emergency gas supply button on the valve, throttle-switch and automatic suction structure to extend the working period.Air flow not less than 500L/min.Quick connectors with full angle insert, fast and flexible.

Pressure Reducing Valve Output pressure from 90psi to 135 psi (6bar to 9bar), Air flow≥1000L/min. Safety valve automatically operates while the valve fails. Safety valve can keep the output pressure from 148psi to 225psi (9.9bar to 15bar). There is a limited flow hole in valve connections, once the pressure gauge or pipe damage, the loss air flow no more than 25L/min.Pressor regulator equipped two separate pressure pipe, connect two supply valve and masks for rescue operations individually or simultaneously.

Alarm Whistle and Gauge Fluorescence pressure gauge indicates the air pressure although in dark. The pressure gauge is protected by a rubber shock ring to avoid shock and waterproof impact.Dial fluorescent display with range 0-40Mpa. Can read gauges values in the dark and dimly lit situations.Alarm will ring while the pressure reaches 825±75psi (55±5bar). Alarm sounds ≥ 90db. No weakening with the reducing pressure which can remind the user to leave quickly.

Carbon Fiber Cylinder & Cylinder Valve Meet standard DOT ,CE. Fluorescence signs to improve workers safety.Cylinder fitted with valve as per is specification. High pressure safety device is equipped on the valve. The anti-error hand wheel on the valve meets European standard. The Valve with pressure gauge on it is also available.Cylinder valve with a pressure gauge is available.

Back Plate & Harness Outer fabric of brace is taken use of flame retardant material of textile materials against static electricity and corrosion. Back plate designed per ergonomic, lightweight and flexible. The back plate can carry cylinders of different volume. Easy to operate by one hand. Harness connects shoulder strap and belt, can fix the height of the SCBA. The material of shoulder straps and belt is wearable, anti-slip, anti-fire, chemical resisting. Reflective tape on shoulder straps. Adjusting cylinder strap will firmly fix the cylinder on the back.

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L/C, T/T, Western Union, Money Gram


1 Set

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Need pay and discount when you order more than 50 sets

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