• Product Name: Emergency Escape Breathing Device EEBD
  • Unit: NA-AR-01
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This product may to provide constant fresh airflow and is used for personal escaping from a dangerous environment full of poisonous harmful air, smoke or lack of oxygen. It’s not to be used for fighting fire, entering cabin lack of oxygen, or worn by fire fighters.


The product is composed of compressed air cylinder, pressure reducing valve, pressure gauge, air hose, face hood, cylinder bag. The pressure gauge on the cylinder indicates the cylinder pressure. The cylinder pressure is not indicated during storage or transportation. The hood is a flame resistant head cover which completely covers the head, neck, and may cover portions of the shoulders with a transparent window. It’s easy to use, simply open the cylinder valve and put the hood on head.

Volume : 2.2L  Rating working pressure : 21Mpa

Storing Air:more than 400L  Duration time ≥10 mins

Gross weight ≤8.5kg  Certificate : CCS , EC/MED approval

FOB China


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L/C, T/T, Western Union, Money Gram


1 Set

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Need pay and discount when you order more than 50 sets

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