• Product Name: Liquid Nitrogen Protective Clothing
  • Unit: NA-PC-01
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3.0 kg

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Plastic box






This product made of the anti-low temperature multi-layer composite material which is unique,flexibility, and touch feeling good.

It's seal process exactness, suitable for working in extreme cold environment personnel wear, effective defense - 170 to 250 Celsius degree.

Its back reserved space for air respirator.


a.The product is used for biological pharmaceutical,power cable,low temperature cold treatment,low temperature test chamber,building materials,metal casting gas transportation,laboratory research,frozen food processing and the lower temperatures place to protect worker in extreme cold of liquid nitrogen workplace.


It's coverall design,and seal process exactness,anti cold effect is perfect.

The professional gloves are flexibility,good tactility,it using convenience.

The anti cold hood's window is gold-plated and anti fog,anti attack, has wide vision, no vertigo feeling,high clearly for user.

The anti cold boots are made of waterproof breathable material, it have good effect with coverall in the low temperature workplace.


The height above 1.80 meters to choose XXL, height 1.70 meters to choose XL,height 1.65 meters to choose L. Accept OEM.

FOB China

400-800 USD

Payment Term

L/C, T/T, Western Union, Money Gram


2 Sets

Sample & Courier fee

Need pay and discount when you order

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