• Product Name: Portable Eye Wash Station
  • Unit: NA-EW-10
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Net Weight

2.5 kg

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ABS plastic


Food Grade


The Products have a lots of styles,it can be wall mounted,portable, electric pressure, and manual pressure. Portable eye wash station can be used in special emergency outside workplace.

The product is made of high density polyester material,it is environmental and security, it is food and drug safety grade.

The product's capacity is 8 gallons clean water rich storage.Flow 0.4 gallons water per minute when you washing,it can ensuring that uninterrupted flow 20 minutes.


Widely used in nuclear power workplace,power stations workplace,chemical industry workplace,petrol workplace,electronics workplace,metallurgy and smelting industry workplace,printing and dyeing workplace,education and scientific research lab workplace,hospital emergency etc.When your eye, face, hands, skin or body are exposed in the chemical pollution, you can get emergency shower and relieve symptoms.

Operation Attention

The eyewash station must be installed directly in the work zone.The distance to the work zone not more than 15 meters.The worker must get the emergency washing in 10 seconds,earn time for medical care.

There shall not stack any miscellaneous nearby eyewash station in the 2 meters,and shall use the explosion-proof electrical products and switch.

The product include two bottles of professional removal acid and alkali eyewash drops.When your eyes are polluted by acid or alkali,please use appropriate eye wash drops rinse and then flush eyes with plenty of clean water.

The clean water be used inside, please replace the water in 5-7 days.You can add some eye care concentrate in the water, which can increasing the retention time of eyewash water.

FOB China

60-300 USD

Payment Term

L/C, T/T, Western Union, Money Gram


1 sets

Sample & Courier fee

Need pay and discount when you order more than 50 cartons

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