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No'an staff work hard for you to reduce the predictable  risk,so that you and your family more assured for your working. As employers,you should better give your workers more professional protection, so that they can be more secure for your work.

No'an provides safety helmets have passed United States NFPA1971-2007 standards and Chinese GA44-2004 standards. Unique shock absorbing system, anti-shock CAP, hat lining, elastic tube as a buffer system, provides excellent impact resistance.

Nuo'an provides anti noise ear protection equipment,it can minimize the effect of noise on your hearing. Slow rebound PVC material, the ear canal pressure is small, wear more comfortable, material flame retardant, meet the spark will not burn, suitable for welding and cutting operations.

Nuo'an provides  protective goggles series conform to GB, ANSI, CE standard.The lens is made with Bayer polycarbonate,strengthen the hard, anti shock, anti scratch, anti-static, anti fog.The frame is made with nontoxic flexible polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material injection molding, it's soft and comfortable. Close fitting face, can simultaneously with myopia glasses. It can provides protection for drilling, coal mining,and field investigation etc.

Nuo'an provides the welding protective suit,it bring you the most protection for the special working.The welding helmets and safety protective goggles are clear when you are welding, it can replace the lenses according to different environment. The protective gloves, protective cape and insulation shoes more professional and safety for your welding work.

Nuo'an provides cutting-proof gloves series are used in slaughtering and processing, clothing and tailoring, glass processing, wood cutting, leather processing, cutting meat,police security fileds.It has difference in left hand type and right hand type,please note when buying.

Nuo'an provide comprehensive protection for your work, insulated shoes and protective rope, rope buffer make sure your high-altitude operations more security.


We provide work protective appliance for all filed of industry.We can provide you the appropriate protective appliance  as long as the possible dangerous in your work.More than 10 years of professional experience in the safety and security filed,we provides you not only the professional protection, your security is my promise.

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