• Product Name: Workplace Electrostatic Solutions
  • Unit: NA-SP-01,10,20, 30
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Brand Name

Nuo’an and others

Model #

NA-SP-01,10,20, 30


Anti static device

Packing by

Carton or Hand case


ISO9001: 2000/UKAS




We provide workplace one-stop antistatic solutions. When your workplace need static electricity tests, static electricity alarm, static electricity discharge, we can provide you the best products and a whole solution.

NA-SP-01 The electrostatic tester can detect electric charge in the workplace, and it can eliminate small place electrostatic charges.It is your best choice for the workbench tests to eliminate electrostatic charges.

NA-SP-10 The electorstatic discharge device can offer a large number of worker static elimination devices. The touch ball is non-metallic, worker touch it no electric shock feeling, no sparks,it is explosion-proof product. The products are mobile type and fixed type can be choose.

NA-SP-20 The anti-static suit is available for demand antistatic workplace worker wearing. Disposable anti-static clothing and anti-static gloves can effectively prevent frictional emerge electrostatic charge.

NA-SP-30 The antistatic alarm device series can provide more protection for your factory. When the truck into your factory, connect the device,it can alarm if the truck bring in the static charges, and the it can discharge the statice charges.<


It is used in the gas stations, oil depots, a paint manufacturer, pharmaceutical companies,Chemical plant, wineries, antistatic workplace.It is the must-own device above of factories.


One-stop purchase and service can solve all of your question.The electorstatic tester, the electorstatic alarm device, the electorstatic discharge device and the anti statice suit can satisfy all of your demanding. Each product performance is good, is your reliable choice.

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>L/C, T/T, Western Union, Money Gram


1 Set / Piece

Sample & Courier fee

Need pay and discount when you order more than 50 cartons

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