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3.5 kg

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The product can provide protection for the firefighter in the fire zone and emergency rescue. It is made of the permanent flame retardant fabrics and thermal insulation felting, it has good fire prevention, waterproof, heat insulation, ventilation and many excellent performance.Its novel design, reasonable structure, the reflective tape material use 3M brand, the reflective effect is obvious, it is one of the firefighters a new generation of professional protective equipment. It is get the EN469-2007 Certificate.

The product is made by flame retardant coatings,and waterproof breathable comfort layer and heat insulation layer,multi-layer composite fabric.

The product is split type clothing, consists of coat, trousers,waterpoof boot, flame retardant gloves,with obvious reflective marking tape.


The product use for professional firefighters in the fire zone,it can provide fire protection, waterproof, thermal insulation. With the professional safety helmet, fire protection gloves, and waterproof boots make the firefighters to get better protection. For your safety, the firefighters ignore the danger, they should get the best protection. And we care the firefighters security.

Technical Data

The damaged length should be no more than 100 mm when it's burned. Its burned time should be no more than 5 seconds, and if it is burned continue the time should be less than 2 seconds.

The fracture strength more than 650 newton, the tear strength more than 100 newton, the sewing breaking strength more than 650 newton.

The resistance to hydrostatic pressure more than 17000 pa.

The product keep water is not lower than 3 grade.

The through steam performance is more than 5000 grams per square meter in 24 hour.

The thermal stability: in the 180 ℃ + 5 ℃ test, along the direction of the warp and weft size changeable rate less than 5%, there was no significant alteration of the surface.

The overall protective performance: thermal protection ability of TPP value not less than 28 calorie per square centimeter.

The net weight less than 3.5 kg, easy for carry.

FOB China

150-190 USD

Payment Term

L/C, T/T, Western Union, Money Gram


10 sets

Sample & Courier fee

Need pay and discount when you order more than 50 cartons

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