• Product Name: Thermal Protective Clothing
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2.0 kg

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Aluminum foil


0.2-5 mm


This product is made of jacket, trousers, hood, gloves and shoes.It is produced by aluminum foil composite fabric,the best anti high temperature fabric.

We Select the high strength anti high temperature aluminum foil composite fabric and anti fire lining cloth, and the fire retardant sewing line which is made in Dupont.


It can protect worker who are working in the high temperature workplace.

It can protect the firefighters extinguishing in the fire zone, and protect industry worker escape from fire zone.

Technical Data


a.This product can protect you are working in the temperature higher than 1200 ℃ workplace. The damaged length should be no more than 100 mm when it's burned. Its burned time should be no more than 5 seconds, and if it is burned continue the time should be less than 2 seconds.

b.Heat radiant penetration:The product be used in the 10 kw / square meter high temperature workplace after 30 seconds,its inside surface temperature should be not more than 25℃. This product's thermal radiation reflex rate more than 80%.It's cut off heat’s rate more than 2%.

c.Tear strength: It's transverse and longitudinal tear strength are no greater than 27.8 Newton.

d.Breaking strength: it's transverse and longitudinal breaking strength are no less than 391.5 Newton.

e.Anti water seep performance:It's resistance to hydrostatic pressure not less than 3000 pa.

f.Product's seams breaking strength: no less than 348 newton

The item above technical indexes in accordance with Chinese national ministry of  public security  standard GA88-94.


The height 1.7 meters to choose XL, height 1.65 meters to choose L,under 1.65 meters to choose M. Accept OEM.

FOB China

125 USD

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L/C, T/T, Western Union, Money Gram


16 Sets

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Need pay and discount when you order

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