• Product Name: Fully Enclosed Protective Clothing
  • Unit: NA-PC-03
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1.7 kg

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Rubber & Cottom


5 mm


a.This product is made of high-tech anti-corrosion rubber fabric, and it has some effect for anti-fire.

b.The sleeve and pants have elastic sealing mouth, which can provide effective protection.

c.You must need the common clothes inside,and then wear the protective clothing outside.The skin direct contact with protective clothing is PROHIBITED.

d.You need wear pants firstly,and then wear the coat,pay attention to the placket,using bottom-up order.


This product is used for the army and industry to protect Human skin.

It can anti-corrosion and some effect for anti-fire.

It is used with masks and gloves and shoes will be better,it can effectively defense all kinds of shape of steam and small droplet lethal damage to human body more than 6 hour, it has some  anti-fire effect. It's weight about 1.7 kg.


In order to protect the adsorption performance of protective clothing,the protective clothing should try to keep the volatile oil and organic steam away.

It can not be used as firefighting protective clothing.

It can be rinsed with water and should not be to knead to protect the carbon layer.It can be water rinse to at least 4 times.

 It should be scrapped when the surface carbon layer falls to white.

 It can be burned when it is polluted or scrapped.

FOB China

135 USD

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L/C, T/T, Western Union, Money Gram


12 Sets


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