• Product Name: Civilian Full Face Gas Mask
  • Unit: NA-GM-50
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Net Weight

840 grams

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Natural rubber  & Silica gel


Black/Blue /Brown OEM


a.The flexibility of the mask body is suitable. The elastic straps have elasticity and can be adjusted at random to ensure a comfortable, leak-free fit. Large triangular lenses are manufactured from optical plastic with its surface treated specially. The lenses provide a wide visual field and excellent optical properties and have good abrasion and shook resistance.

b. The canister is filled with active carbon of good quality and high efficiency filter paper and high efficiency filter paper and can filter out toxic gases and particulate aerosol from the influent air except carbon monoxide. The canister has a low resistance, lightweight and long life.

c.This gas mask can protect users from the following gases hydrocyanic acid,hydrogen chloide,arsenic hydride,phosgene,trichloronitomethane benzene,bromomethane,lewisite,phosphine,methanal fluoride,mustard gas,ammonia.


When the ambient air is contaminated with chemical biological and radiated agents, the mask can provide effective protection to the wearer’s respiratory organs, eyes and facial skin. The mask is designed for use by military, police and civil defense and can also be used in industry, agriculture, warehouse, scientific research etc.


Protection against cyanogens chloride:>30min

- (Cyanogens chloride flow rate concentration 30L/Min; Concentration

1.5Mg/L; Relative humidity 80% )

- Oil smoke penetration coefficient: <0.005%

- Inhalation resistance: <196pa

- Exhalation resistance: <100pa

- Filed of Vision: >75%

FOB China

70-110 USD

Payment Term

L/C, T/T, Western Union, Money Gram


1 Piece

Sample & Courier fee

Need pay and discount when you order more than 50 cartons

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