• Product Name: Thickness Measuring Instrument
  • Unit: NA-MT-01
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Measuring range

0.75-300 mm


Adapted to measure the thickness of good conductor for ultrasonic, such as metal(steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper), plastic, ceramic, glass, glass fiber and so on.

Able to measure the ultrasonic velocity in turn if the thickness value is known in order to improve the measurement precision.

Two working modes: single point measurement and scanning measurement.

Able to preset the upper limit and the lower limit for the thickness, alarm when the value is beyond the limit.

Coupling state indicating in the display.

With LED backlight of display, easily used in dark environment.

Indicating remaining battery energy on the LCD for the real-time power energy monitoring .

Able to communicate with the PC via USB 2.0 interface

Optionally equipped with PC software properly, sending the measurement results, managing the measurement store, analyzing the measurement statistics, printing the measurement reports and so on.

Adaptive in poor operating environment, compatible with vibrating, impact, and electromagnetic interference


Metal or wall thickness detection in the construction industry,automobile paint thickness detection in the automotive industry, precision parts thickness detection in the processing industry,and so on.

Technical Specification

 Measuring range: 0.75-300mm (steel)

Displaying accuracy: 0.01mm,0.001mm optional

Measuring error: 1 mm~10 mm :±0.03mm 10mm~300mm :±(0.3%H+0.03)mm

Measurement period: Two per second

Measurement frequency: 5MHz,7.5MHz,2MHz,H2MHz

Ultrasonic velocity: 1000-9999m/s

Display: FSTN digital LCD with LED backlight

Zero adjustment: auto returning to zero when you press the key after the probe is put on the specimen.

Linear correction: auto linear correction by the MCU programs(V Path auto-compensation)

Alarm function: setting the measurement limit and alarming for the results beyond the limit.

Working voltage: 3*1.5V

Power off: Auto powe off if not working for 2 minutes, and the power key is also available

Display contents: thickness value, coupling condition, power state, CAL calibration state, sound velocity

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