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Your satisfaction is our best reward.

The customer is the core of Nuo'an Technology, which defines the quality of customer service and product. Nuo'an Technology upholds the integrity principle, and attaches great importance to the views and feelings of customers. Under the premise that the products and services offered can make reasonable profits, to achieve customer satisfaction is crucial! Because if we cannot do it, there will be others who can do so.

I. Quotation
In the process of quotation, staff at each Nuo'an Technology’s office is obliged to make customers fully informed of and understand the product model, technical specifications, performance, applications, and safety precautions to ensure that they can make the right choice before signing the contract. After signing the contract, Nuo'an Technology will provide quality products consistent with the model stated in the contract in a timely manner during shipment term by strictly complying with the provisions of the contract. If the customer proposes changes on the product model prior to delivery, Nuo'an Technology will actively communicate and cooperate with them, in order to meet the reasonable demands of the customer. For orders where the model can not be changed, Nuo'an Technology’s technical staff will carefully confirm it with the customer in written form prior to signing the contract, to reduce unnecessary troubles and losses that the customer might incur.

II. Logistics
All products offered by Nuo'an Technology will be delivered to the customer address agreed in the contract by a third-party professional logistics company or a courier company commissioned by the logistics center of Nuo'an Technology. Our quality service will be conveyed throughout the entire logistics process. If customers are treated unfairly in the process of being served by the logistics service company commissioned by us, please call Nuo'an Technology’s after-sales service hotline for support and assistance. In the meantime, Nuo’an Technology will regularly review the service process, to avoid the reoccurrence of such phenomena.

Nuo'an Technology and its logistics partners will assume the risk of damages to the products in the process of logistics services, and will also try to avoid the occurrence of such phenomena. After the product reaches the customer’s site and the customer signed for it, we strongly recommends that customers conduct comprehensive and detailed on-site inspections on the appearance, quantity, accessories and other aspects of the delivered goods. Nuo'an Technology will do their best to avoid the reoccurrence of damages to the goods and other logistics-related problems. In the process of product use, Nuo'an Technology will pay attention to customer feedbacks all the time, and properly handle all kinds of service matters.

III. Use
Before using the product, Nuo'an Technology will provide on-site technical support, training and demonstrations in response to customers’ request in writing or EMAIL, so that customers and relevant staffcan fully understand and appreciate the product features, use methods and safety precautions. It should be noted that the product price generally does not include on-site technical service fees. In the entire process of use that follows, Nuo'an Technology’s product service and technical engineers will provide patient, friendly and enthusiastic support, to ensure the customer’s safe use of the product. In order to better serve customers, Nuo'an Technology’s Customer Relations Officer will regularly track customers via telephone, fax or email on product usage and carry out customer satisfaction surveys.

IV. Nuo'an Technology’s Commitments
1. You can request a replacement if meeting the following conditions,
  (1) Upon receipt of the goods, the customer unpacks the product in front of the courier and found quality problems.
  (2) The product actually received is far different from the model specified in the contract.

2. In the following cases we have the right to refuse the customer's return request:
  (1) The goods have damages, but the customer did not inform the courier of your replacement request on the site.
  (2) Return request which exceeds the return period.
  (3) The returned goods are incomplete or damaged
  (4) The product itself does not have quality problems.

V. After-sales Service
1. Free warranty service:
  Starting from the date of installation, we provide free warranty repair services in the case of product failures caused by non-human factors, natural factors or force majeure within a 12-month.
2. Charged services out of the warranty period:
  For product failures due to improper use or man-made damage, unauthorized moving or demolition, natural disasters, or force majeure, the company offers charged (cost of materials) repair services.
3. Service commitment:
  We can provide service according to customer needs. All you need to do is to choose Nuo'an, and the rest will be upon us. We will offer you satisfactory services.

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