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The difference of gas detector, gas alarm detector, and gas controllers

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Gas detectors are used to detect gases, gas alarms were issued by circuit the gas detector detects a gas alarm devices. Gas controller is a gas controls for host through which to collect gas detector signals, towards police.
Carbon monoxide alarms is through a carbon monoxide sensor in the air concentration of carbon monoxide gas into electrical signals, electrical signals relating to the size of the carbon monoxide concentration. Classified according to the sensor you are using carbon monoxide alarms, generally divided into semiconductor carbon monoxide alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, infrared carbon monoxide detector, sensitivity, precision, stability, resistance to cross interference gases, properties of infrared carbon monoxide detector is the best, but is more expensive for laboratory use, civilian General Semiconductor and electrochemical carbon monoxide alarm.
Semiconductor carbon monoxide alarm used semiconductor type carbon monoxide sensor as sensitive components, requirements its sensitive components thermostat in 200 ℃ around Shi can fast response, so to to its increased electric silk heating, so to provides compared big of current, dang temperature, and humidity even wind changes big on its precise measurement is adverse, also has is easy by other gas of cross interference, as alcohol, and nitrogen oxide, and hydrogen, and n-class, gas of interference, easy errors reported, but its price low. Service life of up to five years.
Electrochemical carbon monoxide alarms with electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor sensor zero power consumption, mostly using electrochemical method of constant potential electrolysis method, by constant potential electrolysis of oxidation-reduction reaction, detection of diffusion can be concluded that the concentration of carbon monoxide gas, and there is a good linear measuring range and high selectivity, cross gas interference resistance ability is strong, prices are relatively expensive. Electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor for zero power consumption, without heating, ideal combined with low power detection circuit using battery power, the carbon monoxide concentration tables, portable carbon monoxide alarms, and so on. Electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor exposure to oxygen-free samples of gas, alcohol, paint and other irritating solvent affects the sensitivity and longevity, even failure. Electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor used in the air for three years, also has a five-year, longer and up to eight years.
Hint: stay away from carbon monoxide poisoning, install a carbon monoxide detector (suggested the use of battery-powered carbon monoxide alarm, low false alarm rate, low power consumption, even if the mains power is not affected).

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